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Twelfth Night

By William Shakespeare

Photos by Gabe Crawford

This concept of Twelfth Night was conceived with a focus on the play's melancholy elements and its potential as a humanist piece rather than a simple farce. Viola's, Orsino's, and Olivia's nigh-existential ennui is a factor I felt was often overlooked in other productions, and taking inspiration from plays likes Peter & The Starcatcher and the films of Wes Anderson, I was able to craft a visual language and a minimalist, malleable set design for expressing the more difficult-to-express realities of this lyrical play.

Speaking of lyrics, the music in the show took a cue from our projected time period: America in the 1930's, healing both from the first World War and the Great Depression. Jazz-inspired melodies crept into all of Feste's songs and the sea shanties of sailors and longshoremen, handed down from generation to generation, lifted inter-Act transitions into rituals of heritage and celebrations of survival. The production's success was assured by the clarity of concept and full commitment by the cast.

Director: Ryan Stevens

Stage Manager: Kira Neighbors

Assistant Stage Manager: Barbara Smith

Lighting Design: Megan Branham

Set Design: Ryan Stevens

Sound Design: Sara Hilton

Music Director: Sam Edelson

Costume Design: Susanna McElveen

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