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Outlaw Song

By Ryan Stevens

Photos by Jane Hearn

Outlaw Song was conceived as a project that would celebrated the power of imaginative storytelling and the pure power of spectacle in theatre to communicated higher emotions even as it dazzles our senses. The show featured live music, gunplay, live pro-level wrestling, and several intricate movement sequences, all of which called for the utmost commitment from the cast, crew, designers, and choreographers. 

I was very lucky and very honored to have a team that was as committed to realizing this show's potential as I was. The play rolled with energy and momentum and transported its sold-out audiences to a high-fantasy Wild West with open-handed invention and honesty.

Production Team:

Director: Ryan Stevens

Stage Manager: Kira Neighbors

ASM / Sound Designer: Charlotte Zuraw

Set Designer: Jon Whit McClinton

Light Designer: Megan Branham

Costume Designer: Lauren Nix

Music Director: Lochlan Angle

Wrestling Choreographer: William Quant

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