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Hell, Inc.

By Ryan Stevens

Photos by Gabe Crawford

The inspiration for this One-Act came from a feeling of frustration at the political situation in America—though at the time, the election had not yet come, and I had no idea how pre-emptive this satire on the amorality of a capitalist system would end up being. Three American businessmen improving the efficiency of Hell itself seemed like a personal philosophy of mine at the time, but in meeting with designers and actors we realized our collective agreement on the collective cruelty of those we were depicting in the piece.

The focus on developing this piece for the stage was on developing each actor's personalities and depth of vice and greed into an ideology that was clear in its corrosive worldview, but still actionable in a way that the actors could carry over the course of the piece, and would still carry the attention of the audience. Not quite Brechtian, but definitely conceived with the notion of ideology above all other characterization, we kept our eyes on the target of the piece and delivered a focused, concise, and unblinking satire.

Production Team:

Director/ Sound Designer: Ryan Stevens

Set Designer: Kira Neighbors

Costume Designer: Destinee Durham

Lighting Designer: Kelsie Hensley

Production Stage Manager: Charlotte Zuraw

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