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Glengarry Glen Ross

By David Mamet

Photos by Joe Pennebaker

For my directorial debut, I wanted to work on a modern classic, a canonized work, to sink my and my company’s teeth into. Working with a largely female casting pool, I decided that tackling Mamet’s masculine power trip horror-show Glengarry would do the trick. The challenge in mounting an all-female rendition of Glengarry Glen Ross was in not overthinking the new conceit. To address the characters as intrinsically male, and treat gender as a barrier we needed to attack, would cost us valuable time and energy that would be better used looking at the characters, their relationships, and the deliciously toxic words Mamet gives them.


The production was done in a very stripped-down manner: two tables, two desks, two chairs, a chalkboard, and papers. We didn’t want much else to distract us. Glengarry was an exercise in character, and subverting the male gaze through the simple of act of presenting these women as the people the script says they are.



Production Team:

Director/ Set Design: Ryan Stevens

Costume Design: Rebecca Shrom

Production Stage Manager: John Floyd II

Sound/ Light Design: Zach Doran

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