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Peter & The Starcatcher

By Rick Elice
Directed by Robert Richmond

Photos by Richard Kiraly

Rick Elice’s Peter & The Starcatcher was an absolute joy to work on as Dramaturg. I dove into the world of J.M. Barrie’s original Peter Pan, countless adaptations across theatre, literature, TV, and film, as well as vaudeville, English pantomime, and old serialized radio programs. The production utilized all this research in structuring the play’s many fantastical elements and sequences. We sought to capture the magic and wonder of a child’s bedtime story and apply it in a way that would dazzle and entertain an adult audience.

The design of the production was motivated by the way the script ‘pulls back the curtain,’ one might say, on its own fictitious nature, with characters narrating to the audience at times and acknowledging their own fictional nature. We wanted a play that felt inclusive even as it dazzled the audience with a fleet of dancing drag mermaids. This is one of my favorite projects to have been a part of due to this commitment to realizing the fantasy element in every way of the production.


Production Team:

Director: Robert Richmond

Asst. Director: Lindsay Rae Taylor

Dramaturg: Ryan Stevens

Set Designer: Baxter Engle

Costume Designer: Jean Lomasto

Lighting Designer: Marc Hurst

Production Stage Manager: Rosalyn Graverson

Sound Designer:  Matt Pound

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