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Student Testimonies

"Ryan's decision to offer a Zoom-based audio playwriting course in Fall 2020 speaks to their creativity and ability to encourage dramatic writing in new ways when in-person theater is not viable. Ryan expertly facilitated a space for writers to experiment, explore, and give and receive thoughtful feedback. They understood my personal goals with the project I was working on and met with me outside of class to help me refine my writing with constructive and pointed feedback."

"I took Ryan Stevens’ playwriting class at UCLA where he introduced me to so much unique and inspiring material; while simultaneously providing engaging writing assignments for our class to immediately reflect and create. So, naturally I signed up for his first zoom class series as soon as I caught wind of it. Despite my general difficulty focusing and engaging with online classes - through the critical discussion environment that he facilitated- and by adjusting the subject for us to write audio plays that we could then turn around and  actually make in this day and age- I was terrifyingly engaged and excited every week for his class! Art is shifting amidst these tumultuous times and the wind can be taken out of our sails at any given moment; so to evolve your practice in a space where you can consistently talk through new mediums and mental spaces is leagues beyond invaluable. I recommend this class so wildly highly for anyone looking for a place brimming with sharp, socially aware, weird brains to help workshop and flesh out their ideas, and for those who’ve hit any flavor of wall that need a smart shove out of their writing dry spell. Maybe I’ll see you in the next class - because all holy knows I’ll be signing up for the next one too!"


"I looked forward to it every week. A beautiful, encouraging environment to create and play."

"Sharing your writing with others is incredibly intimidating. I have never felt safer or more confident about sharing my ideas and my writing than I did in Ryan’s workshop. Ryan creates a virtual classroom space that is innovative, exciting, witty and a LOT of fun. Take their class! They know Paula Vogel!"

Script Notes

Book one-on-one sessions to discuss your current draft!

One hour session: $30

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