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By Euripides, translated by Michael Collier and Georgia Machemer
Directed by Sylvia Blush

Photos by Michael Lamont

For this production of Euripides' classic revenge tale, director Sylvia Blush wanted to emphasize the humanity behind everyone involved -- Medea and her status as a disenfranchised person, Jason in his decisions that lead to his families ruin, and all the players caught in the middle. Our production's design was focused on honoring the spirit of classical Greek design and aesthetics, and marrying this aesthetic with one of heightened emotion and bright color to guide emotional content.

The Chorus here served many simultaneous functions: Medea's neighbors and contemporaries, those that view her as the Other she is, the surrogate for the audience, and also Medea's own inner conscience in turmoil. Their veils, making them seem faceless, makes them both inscrutable and blank canvases to be projected upon. Has Medea in her fury blocked out their identities in the same way she feels Jason has to her?

In Euripides' day, his dramas were seen as extremely political and controversial. With Medea's attacks on royalty going unpunished and even appearing justified, he struck a particular vein with this piece. We sought to preserve the political edge, violent poetry, and emotionally-fraught danger in this version.

Production Team:

Director/ Choreographer: Sylvia Blush

Assistant Director: Wanye Yoakum

Stage Manager: Angela Sonner

Assistant Stage Manager: Dechen Deqinzhuoga

Lighting Design: Luz Tapia Gaitan

Set Design: Madie Hays

Sound Design: Aaron Centeno

Costume Design: Caitlin Kagawa

Movement Coach: Tula B. Strong

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